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Il tesoro della Casa del Menandro. Cronaca di una scoperta

Pompei 12 tracce di vita intorno al denaro

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mappa di pompei Ingresso di Porta Marina Casa del Bracciale d´Oro Tomba di Vestorio Prisco Casa di L.Cecilio Giocondo Taverna di Edoné Ostello dei Fabii Terme Stabiane Casa del Larario di Achille Termopolio di Vetuzio Placido Porta di Sarno Officina di Granio Romano Casa del Menandro Ingresso di Porta Marina Casa del Bracciale d´Oro Ostello dei Fabii Officina di Granio Romano Terme Stabiane Casa di L. Cecilio Giocondo Porta di Sarno Casa del Larario di Achille Tomba di Vestorio Prisco Taverna di Edoné Casa del Menandro Termopolio di Vetuzio Placido


  • Ingresso di Porta Marina

    1 - Marine gate entrance

    Love for sale

    An inscription incised on the walls of the city at Marine Gate bore Attica's offer of love for sale.

  • Terme Stabiane

    2 - Stabian baths

    The demon of gambling

    In the corridor accessing the female sector of the Stabian Baths, an inscription celebrated a significant amount of money won at dice in the town of Nocera.

  • Taverna di Edoné

    3 - Edoné's tavern

    The cost of drinking

    Thanks to an inscription now lost we know what the prices were to drink wine of different qualities in Edoné's tavern.

  • Casa del Bracciale d'Oro

    4 - The house of the golden bracelet

    The saved money

    The precious gold bracelet found on the wrist of a fugitive gave the house its name. 40 aurei and 175 silver denarii were scattered nearby, having fallen out of a wooden box.

  • Casa di L. Cecilio Giocondo

    5 - The house of Cecilio Giocondo

    The use of capital

    In the house of Lucio Cecilio Giocondo, several wax tablets provide an exceptional record of different types of economic activities.

  • Tomba di Vestorio Prisco

    6 - Tomb of vestorius priscus

    The public munificence

    The young aedile Gaius Vestorio Prisco died at twenty-two, perhaps during his magistracy. The burial place and two thousand sesterces for the funeral were granted by the decurions, the tomb was erected by his mother Mulvia at her own expense.

  • Ostello dei Fabii

    7 - House of fabii

    The shopping list

    In the Fabii hostel, there is a "shopping list" with daily food purchases. From documents like this, we know that the basic necessities for survival were affordable by everyone in Pompeii.

  • Casa del Larario di Achille

    8 - House of the Lararium of Achilles

    Production and sales

    Incised on a frescoed wall of the house of the Lararium of Achilles, an inscription commemorates the sale of vinasses that occurred on the Kalends of June.

  • Casa del Menandro

    9 - House of menander

    Riches in the safe

    A wooden crate kept in the cellar of the House of Menander contained silver table vessels and toiletries, numerous jewellery pieces for both men and women and a considerable stash of coins.

  • Officina di Granio Romano

    10 - Workshop of granius romanus

    Pawning and usury

    A woman in financial difficulties pawned a pair of earrings as collateral for a loan with usurer Faustilla. The inscription incised on the wall of Granio Romano's Workshop used to document that.

  • Termopolio di Vetuzio Placido

    11 - Thermopolium of Vetutius Placidus

    The restaurant takings

    The restaurant takings of Vetuzio Placido's Thermopolium were found there: 1,385 bronze coins amounting to about 585 sesterces.

  • Porta di Sarno

    12 - Sarnus gate

    The "Treasure" of the fugitive

    An individual who met his death near the Sarnus Gate had tried to take his treasure with him: 49 denarii and 61 aurei, some jewellery, a finely decorated mirror and four elegant silver cups.

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